Subject RE: [IBO] Cursor unknown error -504
Author Alan McDonald
> The error Bob reports is 1) not an IBO error and 2) has nothing
> to do with
> KeyLinks. Are you getting confused with some other type of error
> that *is*
> related to KeyLinks, such as "Record not located to update"? The latter
> error occurs when the dataset is asked to post after an edit and
> there are
> no KeyLinks to enable the dataset to build a search clause for the UPDATE
> statement.
> Helen

No - the error I get is "Cursor Unknown" just as Bob defines it. And you
were one of the kind souls who argued that it was a missing or invalud
keylonks property which MAY be the cause. It comes back fropm the
Transaction.Refresh(true) method - that much I am certain. It does NOT come
from any attempt to update.