Subject RE: [IBO] Cursor unknown error -504
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:20 PM 8/08/2004 +1000, you wrote:

>Hmm, and make sure that all queries which have a PK which is truly a PK in
>the KeyLinks, also has the KeyLinksAutoDefine check box/Property set to OFF.
>This prevents IBO generating a PK of it's own.

IBO doesn't "generate PKs" - with KLAutoDefine it tries to define the
KeyLinks by reading the table's metadata and finding the PK column
elements. Hence the reason that KLAD only works on single table queries
and then only if the whole of the PK is in the output list. If the table
doesn't have a PK, IBO will just use the DB_Key.

>And Helen - just a thought but if you programtically manipulate a query e.g.
>change the SQL or clear the update SQL property or something like that..
>Does this have any effect on the KeyLinks property? Does it clear it when
>you prepare the query again?

Of course. A dataset is just a "clever container". If you invalidate the
existing statement by replacing it, it's like emptying the container and
then filling it with something else.