Subject Re: [IBO] help with IB_LookupCombo
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Olá Luiz,

> please, somebody help me with my IB_LookupCombo?
> I already tried of everything, I configured all the properties as in
> the example of the paste samples but I don't get to do to work...

The problem is not in the IB_LookupCombo; you set that up correctly.

What's wrong is that you filled in GRUPO as KeyLinks for MEDICAMENTOS.
Change it to CODIGO and everything works fine.

By the way: you probably wanted CODIGO to be the PK of MEDICAMENTOS
but you defined the constraint like this:


It works, but it may not be what you intended.

> sorry for my bad English, but I'm using a translator...

There's also a Brazilian IBO group on Yahoogroups: ibobjects-br

At the moment it's very quiet but you could make it more active
if you ask a lot of questions there! :-)

Paul Vinkenoog