Subject Re: [IBO] Backup/Restore Component?
Author Helen Borrie

At 07:13 PM 7/08/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> > Hi Steve,
> >
> > > Does IBO offer a database backup/restore component? If not,
> > > can I find one. I need to be able to integrate backup/restore
> > > capability within my application.
> >
> > There are several possibilities. Here are some links:
> >
> > (look for IBOAdmin)
> > (ibapi and ibapi_delphi)
>Thanks Paul,
>I downloaded the IBOAdmin stuff and it looks like it will do what I
>need but I haven't found any examples or documentation. Can you
>point me to any further information?

There's a simple TIBOBackupService demo with my name on it, in the Files
area of the list.
If you're using Delphi 5, you can pick up Mark Pickersgill's D5 conversions
of the components on the Contributed Code page of the main IBO website.