Subject Re: Master detail problem when lenght of the link field is more than 25 chars
Author Mihai Chezan
> Yes, with IBO you need to regard it as a problem if you have column
> identifiers longer than 24 characters. Firebird identifiers simply
> can not exceed 31 characters in length. IBO needs to "borrow"
> between 5 and 7 characters for handling master-detail.
Why? Why doesn't ibo names the parameters (the ones that it
automatically generates) param1, param2, ...
Doing so there would be no problem.

> If you want to force IBO to use your long identifiers as parameter
> names, you should use the MasterParamLinks technique instead of
> MasterLinks.
No. I don't want ibo to use my identifiers. But in this case ibo
generates an invalid identifier that causes an exception so I would
like to instruct ibo to use another name, a name that is not > 32
chars in length.

> > ps: I really have fields that are more than 25 in length.
> That statement seems to have confused some people. I think you mean
> to say that you have identifiers that are more than 25 in length.
Yes. My mistake.

> But with native IBO you are not restricted to using the same name as
> column name for parameters. It's only a limitation with the
> TDataset master-detail linking. If you prefer the benefits of
> MasterLinks, use shorter names for your parameters and write a bit
> of extra assignment code in your BeforePost handlers.
I don't realy understand how to do that. I am using native IBO.

> use shorter names for your parameters
The name of the parameter is generated by IBO. How can I use shorter
names since is not my parameter?

Base on the test case could you tell me what modification should I
make for the Master-Detail to work using MasterLinks and not

Thank you.