Subject Re: Slower than the BDE???
Author Mihai Chezan
--- In, "Ron Roberts" <ron@m...> wrote:
> Same computer, same database, same data, same server (Firebird 1.5),
> gdb file is on the local hard drive accessed via TCP/IP -- the BDE
> version of my application creates and executes this server-side
> procedure in 1:23 minutes while the IBO version does it in 9:31. Its
> hard to imagine that there is any difference at all since its a
> server-side procedure we are talking about.
Strange ideed.
You could try to do a commit after creating the SP and you could try
using a TIB_DSQL instead of the TIBOQuery.
If the result it's the same you can try to only create the SP and then
use isql from Firebrd's bin directory an try and run the SP from there
and see how long it takes.
Anyway ibo components or other components shouldn't influence the
executing speed of a SP. Like you said it's a server-side thing.