Subject Re: [IBO] problems with SQL query
Author Mihai Chezan
> ...
> Params['ParamName'] is valid in IBO. It resolves to the index
> number of the Params[] array.
> ...
> The exception reported wasn't a compiler error, it was a dataset
> exception.

Then something is wrong with my instalation of ibo.
What I did is:
1. New application
2. Drop one TIB_Query and one TIBOQuery on the form
IB_Query1.Params['xxx'].AsString := '';
IBOQuery1.Params['xxx'].AsString := '';
When I try to compile I get 2 errors:
[Error] Unit1.pas(30): Incompatible types: 'Word' and 'String'
[Error] Unit1.pas(31): Incompatible types: 'Integer' and 'String'