Subject Re: [IBO] IBObjects (T. Patel)
Author Tarak Patel

Thanks for helping me...

if you need any help in relation to linux or unix majorly in kernel development then contact me on tarak_linux@.........i am a RHCE..........and have more than 6 year experience in linux and unix field.

still i am waiting for your firebird book.....

thanks again for you kindest helping...

Mr. Tarak Patek

Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
At 04:14 PM 25/07/2004 +0100, Tarek Patel wrote:

First, please don't hijack other people's threads!!

The basic things are:

1. Install IBO according to the How_To_Install.txt document
2. Start a new application in Delphi
3. Drop a TIB_Connection on the form. For convenience, change its Name
property to something simple, like cn
4. Set these properties:

Server: network name of the server, or localhost if you are on the same
machine that is hosting the Fb server.

Path: absolute path to the database, as seen from the server, e.g.
c:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\examples\employee.fdb

Protocol: select cpTCP_IP

Username: use SYSDBA for now

Password: masterkey, or whatever you changed to the SYSDBA password to

PasswordStorage: change to psNotSecure

5. Drop a TIB_Transaction on the form. Name it something simple like tr1.

Set the IB_Connection property of the transaction by selecting your
connection object (cn or whatever)

For simplicity, set the AutoCommit property to True and set the Isolation
property to tiReadCommitted.

Set the DefaultTransaction property of the connection object to your

6. Drop a TIB_Query object on the form.

Set the IB_Connection property to your connection object.
Set the IB_Transaction property to your transaction object.
Set the SQL property to


Set the KeyLinks property to EMP_NO
Set the RequestLive property to True.

7. Drop a TIB_Datasource on the form and set its Dataset property to your
query object.

8. Drop a TIB_Grid object on the form and set its Datasource property to
your datasource object.

9. Drop a TIB_NavigationBar and a TIB_UpdateBar on the form (near the top)
and set their datasource properties to your datasource object.

10. Select the Form object and go to its Events page in the Object Inspector.

Double-click on OnCreate and add the following handler code:

if not cn.Connected then
if not tr1.InTransaction then
if not IB_Query1.Active then

11. Save the project.

12. Run it.


IB Objects - direct, complete, custom connectivity to Firebird or InterBase
without the need for BDE, ODBC or any other layer.
___________________________________________________________________________ - your IBO community resource for Tech Info papers,
keyword-searchable FAQ, community code contributions and more !

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