Subject [IBO] Re: Prevent grid from getting into "edit" mode
Author Mihai Chezan
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...>
> Just set the field itself to ReadOnly or NOEDIT in the
> property of the dataset.
> Jason Wharton
I'm sory to disagree but if you do that then when you double click the
cell or press enter the caret will appear (the cell will enter into
edit mode). You can't edit it but the caret will apear. What Daniel
asked was a way for this to not happen:
"The user can still press Return (or click into the cell) and get
into edit mode, with no icon, but an binking cursor and an empty
And because he used a calculated field I believe that readonly or
noedit would have no effect as a calculated field is by its nature
Of course I could be wrong.