Subject RE: [IBO] Access Violation, Error in FPXSQLVAR.aliasname_length
Author jaguarius2003
I moved the code and it didn't change anything. Now would be a good
time to mention that, this is also happening on a form that does not
close when post is pressed. I have a pagecontrol on a form with a set
of TAction based update buttons whic generates the same cannot focus a
disabled or invisible window error.

I am inclined to think that you are on the wrong track about the on
close event - the other form does the exact same thing just from
pressing post.

Jason S. Gagnon

>>Do this in the OnCloseQuery event rather than the OnClose event. By
>>the time
>>it gets to OnClose, the form is indeed closing already.

>>Also, your Delphi code doesn't make any sense. Why catch an
exception >>to immediately re-raise it and then have a line of code
after an >>exception is
>>raised? Your call to Abort will never happen.

>>Jason Wharton