Subject Re: [IBO] Access Violation, Error in FPXSQLVAR.aliasname_length
Author jaguarius2003
Hi Jason,

Here is the call stack :


^^^ this line is the name of my program

I am not sure how easy it will be to duplicate. This happens on
approximately 1/2 of my dozen or so queries - the rest of them display the
error normally.

In the case listed above, I got a "cannot focus a disabled or invisible
window" error. Sometimes I get an access violation. If you could offer and
advice it would be great, someone else offered a work around but I would
lose to know the root of the problem.

I am using the IBO 4.3Ab test version ... if that helps.


Jason S. Gagnon

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Access Violation, Error in FPXSQLVAR.aliasname_length

> Can you reproduce this in a simple test case?
> I'm not real sure what the problem could be.
> The callstack might be helpful.
> Jason Wharton
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> Subject: [IBO] Access Violation, Error in FPXSQLVAR.aliasname_length
> Hi All,
> I am having a very serious problem with my program which I have been
> unable to resolve for two weeks. I posted before but no one was able
> to help, so I thought I would add some additional info.

>I have a TIB_Query called WorkDocket, which I edit and insert to with
>a modal form. There are a couple of required fields. If the fields are
>not filled in, instead of getting an error message I get this :

>Project xxxxxxxxxx.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with
>message 'Access violation at address 00514A0E in module
>'xxxxxxxxxx.exe'. Read of address 0000000C'. Process stopped.

>from time to time if I step through it I get 'cannot focus a disabled
>or invisible window'. I am aborting the form close if there is an
>error, so I dont know why this would happen. After the error, the file
>IB_Components.pas opens up to the following section :

>function TIB_Column.GetFieldName: string;
>>>if FPXSQLVAR.aliasname_length <={!!} 0 then
> Result := ''
> else
> begin
> Result := Copy( FPXSQLVAR.aliasname, 1, FPXSQLVAR.aliasname_length );
> Result := Statement.IB_Connection.mkVARIdent( Result );
> end;
> if ( Result = '' ) and ( Statement.SQLDialect < 3 ) then
> Result := 'COLUMN' + IntToStr( FieldNo );