Subject Re: [IBO] Prevent grid from getting into "edit" mode
Author Daniel Albuschat
Hi Lucas,

On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 06:20:03PM +0200, Lucas Franzen wrote:
> Hallon Daniel,
> Yep, since this was me I think I should answer once again :-)
> So, prepare yourself....


> If you just want to avoid the grid to enter edit mode, just set the
> PreventEditing property of the IB_Grid.
> (If you don't want the query to be editable at all you can use the same
> property at IB_Query level).
> Is it that what you are looking for?

Hm nope, not quite. The problem is, I only want *this* column to
be not editable. The rest of the grid/query behaves correctly.
You can edit, insert and delete from it.

And btw., is the "having a fake calculated field" the right
aproach to have an additional column in the grid?

Daniel Albuschat

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