Subject RE: [IBO] Transaction Advice Needed
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:05 PM 20/07/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>I don't use IBO Objects at all. (yet) :-) So I can't give you specific
>advice - but I can tell you what works for me.
>I use the IB objects. (Yes, they are different). I will almost always have
>a TIB_Insert transaction, a TIB_Select transaction, a TIB_Insert txn and a
>TIB_Update txn. In other words, a data module will have at least 4
>transactions on it.
>In some cases, especially regarding selects, there will be more transaction
>objects on the data module. The bottom line for me is that I will almost
>NEVER have two objects sharing the same transaction object at any one time.
>Part of the reason I do this is simply to keep it more "clear cut" for
>myself. :-)
>Notwithstanding that, I try and keep the number of objects to a minimum.
>And as far as possible, only ONE of them is open / active at any one time.
>Only in those cases where I need two separate datasets to be active at the
>same time will I have a separate transaction object.
>This may seem like overkill; it may be my old BDE habits; it may be a waste
>of time and code.
>But it works for me ... :-)
>I'm not sure if I am explaining this very well ... ask any questions. And
>my approach is open to suggestions as to how to do it better.

In a word, Tim, if I understand your description, it's **bizarre**. You
seem to be saying you split a task up so that each different type of
operation on a record (select, update, insert, delete) is in its own