Subject Re: [IBO] problems with IBOBackupService and network
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:46 PM 19/07/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>I have added IBObackupservice and restore components to my app from teh
>IBOAdmin component group. The routines i have written based on the
>IBbackupservice help in delphi 6. It seems to work fine when I am running
>from a standalone or the machine where firebird is installed but not when
>i try and run the app from the other machine on my peer to peer network.
>This is the situation that I have:
>server Study-2 has firebird installed to c drive and my app installed to d
>drive. d drive is shared with the share name 't'. I am running my app from
>the other machine, study-1. Both machines are running windows xp, zone
>alarm is running on study-1.
>My code looks like:
>//assigns the leftmost char up to the first colon to serverName
>DateSeparator := '_';
>ShortDateFormat := 'd/m/yyyy';
>showmessage('backupstr:'+backupstr);//for debugging
>with IBoBackupService1 do
> begin
> ServerName := serverName;
> LoginPrompt := False;
> Params.Add('user_name=sysdba');
> Params.Add('password=masterkey');
> Active := True;
> try
> Verbose := True;
> Options := [NonTransportable, IgnoreLimbo];
> DatabaseName := datamodule2.IB_Connection1.path;
> BackupFile.Add(backupStr);
> ServiceStart;
> While not Eof do
> Memo1.Lines.Add(GetNextLine);
> finally
> Active := False;
> end;
> end;
>When i run the app from study-1 and try the backup routine i get:
>backupStr: d:\firebirdTest\databackup\backupfrom19_7_2004.gbk
>server: study-2
>databaseName: d:\firebirdTest\mydatabase.fdb
>Then I get an error message: 'cannot attach to services manager'. My app
>does however connect to teh database and appears to work in all other aspects.
>Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?
>Thank you for your time and help

1. Change the protocol to cpTCP_IP
2. Put Study-2 in the Server property

The component will then automatically invoke the server manager.