Subject Re: synchronizations
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Juarez,
there is a property TIB_Connection.SchemaCache.TableNames that
contains the name of all tables in the database you are connected to
and IBO does have components for doing one-way replication or possibly
IB LogManager could help you (but I've neither used the replication
tools nor IB LogManager).

Does this answer your question?


--- In, "Juarez A. Mendes" wrote:
> Hello list!
> Am I needing to accomplish the synchronization of data among two
> databases, one in each machine of a local network, for this I would
> like to know how to catch the list of available tables in a base of
> a database Firebird 1.5, could anybody help myself? Or even a form
> of doing synchronize of data among two databases?
> Thank you,
> Juarez