Subject [IBO] Re: DataSetProvider, ClientDataSet performance
Author constantijnw
> Glenn used the expression "counted to 21" versus "counted to 1".
> You said "5 times slower"

Meaning: between 4.5 and 5.5 times.

> I can't count to 1 in eiher case.

Put open/close actions in a loop executing a couple of thousand times.

> I see no reason to put a timer on it. but go ahead and I'll try your

I certainly agree with you that fetching records in 1 ms or 21 ms
isn't noticeable, and it is certainly irrelevant in a multi-tier app
over a WAN. And if Glenn must wait for 21 seconds before records are
all fetched then the first thing to look at is the design of

Nevertheless everybody wants his favorite components to be fast.