Subject RE: [IBO] Re: DataSetProvider, ClientDataSet performance
Author Alan McDonald
> I'm not using the CommandText property. I am using the SQL property in
> the TIBOQuery. What I want to demonstrate is the difference in the speed
> of obtaining data. Paste the dfm code at the bottom of the email to your
> form. Change the Database name and the SQL to a database/table on your
> system for both of the databases. Now set the ClientDataSet on the left
> side (IBO) to true and count how long it takes in seconds. Now do the
> same with the ClientDataSet on the right.
> I counted to 21 for IBO objects code on the left and got to 1 for the
> IBX components.
> Any ideas here? I don't really want to move a lot of the code to IBX.
> Cheers,
> Glenn

I have no idea what you base this on.. I've done your little experiment and
I find absolutely no difference between the two openings.
I placed a datagrid/datasource on the form just to be sure.
I assume that you are not confusing the speed of clientdataset opening once
with connection is made OTOH with a connection not made on the other.
I did this over and over first one way then the other, each time ensuring
that both the clientdataset AND the connection/database components were both
set back to not active/not connected.
No matter which one I did first followed by the other - both came up almost
I used employee gdb and the employee table.