Subject Re: concatenating in the EXECUTE STATEMENT (FB 1.5)
Author constantijnw
--- In, "Filipe Belchior"
<filipe.belchior@m...> wrote:
> Hi.
> How I concatenate this string: 'tdso.tabela = "SITUACOES_SOCIO"'?

You mean: how to place quotes properly in PSQL?

In that case: replace your double quotes with 2 single quotes:
'tdso.tabela = ''SITUACOES_SOCIO'''

BTW concatenating is putting two string together
like 'A' || 'B' = 'AB'.

In your subjectline you refer to the EXECUTE STATEMENT syntax. If this
is the same sp as inyour previous posts I can tell you that: your
outputparameter Rows_Aff will not return a valid value,
because Firebird's ROW_COUNT is not affected by DML statements that
were excuted with EXECUTE STATEMENT.

Tell us what you want to achieve.