Subject Re: [IBO] fbclient.dll
Author Scott Taylor
newgen3152003 said:
> Hi helen,
> I did rename to gds32.dll but when I use any of IBO tools, like
> IB_SQL, or double click on the server I get "unavailable database".
> I have the path to c:\directory\database.gdb
> protocol set to cplocal
> but it runs ok in the application.
> can I not use ibo tools with embedded server?
> Daniel

Hey Daniel,

AFAIK, IB_SQL still uses FB Server. I use the original gds32.dll file in
%SYSTEM% and a copy fbclient.dll->gds32.dll in the application folder when
dealing with stand-alone apps. Then just turn the FB service on and off
as I need it.

Works for me, but there is probably a better way.