Subject RE: [IBO] Re: support for 2 transactions in ib_query
Author Alan McDonald
> > that's not true - only the buffer will be refreshed
> Helen said that too but when I use an IB_MonitorDialog I see that all
> the previous rows (from 1 ro 500) are fatched again (and not only the
> keys but the whole data row). Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or not
> setting some property for the ib_query. Could you check
> IB_Query.Refresh behavior on a 600 rows table, the query is shown to
> an IB_Grid then you scroll to record 500 and then you call
> IB_Query.Refresh having a IB_MonitorDialog opened.
> Or should I post a test application? Maybe that way you will
> understand what I'm talking about.
> Thanx.

I just looked at my current app - when I refresh, the monitor shows the
number of records retrieved is 1 more than the number of visible rows in the
grid. It calls the first row twice for some reason but the table has 1000s
of records and the valid query has at least 2000 rows in it.
Do you have AutoFetchAll set to true by any chance?