Subject Re: [IBO] SQL Update where params
Author jensdein
I'm sorry - I'm still a bit confused. I tried to set the properties on
the transaction as you suggested.

Isolation = tiCommitted
RecVersion = False
LockWait = False

I then started my app twice, found the same record in both instances
and first did an update in the first app and save. Then i went to
second app instance and did another update here on the same record and
field and when I saved I did a overwrite of my first change and got no

If I understand you right this should be impossible with these

A part of this app use Clientdatasets and they use all fields in the
where part of the update statement and they actually capture this
problem - that's why I asked wether it was possible to make the IBO
components do the same.

I think :-) I understand why IB/FB (and therefore IBO) shouldent
actually need this, as the architecture of the database (with
recversion's) should handle this - it just dosen't seem to work - or I
at least can't seem to get it working - or am I still not getting it??