Subject Re: [IBO] dbHandleShared in a DLL
Author Daniel Rail

At June 24, 2004, 18:16, Matt Nielsen wrote:

> This seems to work fine until I close the application that loaded the
> DLL. I read in the FAQ that I should close the connection in the
> main app before I unload the DLL to prevent problems.

Never had to do this, and everything works fine. My DLLs are loaded
and unloaded dynamically during the runtime of the application.

> I'm doing this
> but I'm still getting an error:

> 'This is a potential problem: 335544485' error when I close the
> application which in turn unloads the dll.

This error means: "Invalid statement handle". Did you try closing and
unpreparing the queries that you have in the DLL? And then, try to
unload the DLL before closing the connection in the main app.

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