Subject Re: [IBO] Correct Transaction Handling
Author doughboypfb
Isn't the ending balance of each month the same as the starting
balance of the next month? Why store both?

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--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...> wrote:
> > Could you elaborate how totals are never stored in the database?
> > Where are they stored then? I am thinking each account's first ledger
> > entry could represent past archived transactions from past periods.
> > No?
> >
> the running totals are only ever delivered out of the SP. Do a loop
thru the
> records being delivered in the same order each time (datestamp or PK
> ascending) accummulating the running total and creating a return
value on
> the fly.
> The opening and closing account balances for each period are
maintained in a
> separate table. When you close a period which is an administration
task, the
> closing balance of the transactions in question are total and those
> are posted.
> >
> > > And make a "rollover" procedure where previous period
> > > accounting transactions are parked away from the "current" set.
> >
> > How parked? In another table? Database? What if a user wants to
> > "void" a check from last period? I assume a period could be as little
> > as a single month. Right?
> Parked in another table is the best (another db is not practical)
but I can
> imagine a design with appropriate flags on the records which would
> you accessing records which are not in the "current" period.
> All transactions in the previous (closed) periods are generally
locked. You
> can enter a reversing transaction but doing so into a closed period will
> require special user access/rights. How tough do you want to be or how
> closely does you system need to be auditable to the highest standard.
> A period is a single calendar month usually.
> >
> >
> >
> > How if it is "rolled over?"
> Not sure what you mean here?
> Alan