Subject Re: [IBO] Install IBO4 on Delphi 6
Author Helen Borrie

At 01:19 PM 16/06/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>When I try install any of *.dpk files, error message are display:
> IB_Components.pas(194): Type 'TIB_BDataset' is not yet completely
>In IBO4.ZIP is IB_Components.INT and I rename it in:
>IB_Components.pas, but is not complet.
>I use Delphi 6 Profesional.
>Sorry for my engish.

You need and also the Delphi 6 DCU pack.

Please download the How_To_Install.txt document from the same page where
you downloaded IBO, follow the instructions for a clean install, and start
again using the instructions.

Do not rename anything.