Subject Re: IB_Grid & changing the selected row color
Author Bob Zirbel
--- In, Lucas Franzen <luc@r...> wrote:
> Bob,
> Bob Zirbel schrieb:
> > Hi all
> >
> > Can anyone tell me how to change the currently selected row
> > (blue/navy) of an IB_Grid?
> > I tried the obvious CurrentRowColor property and a dozen other
> > combinations of settings to no avail.
> If it's about the color for a multi select then set a
> component on your main datamodule and set the SelectedColor
> The selected color (of single rows in a TIB_Grid) is read from the
> standard windows setting (ie default = dark blue)
> If you want to use a different one for single rows then set the
> CurrentRowColor property of the IB_Grid.
> Luc.

Thanks for your reply Luc.

I used a IB_SessionProps component to change the multi-select color
but the CurrentRowColor property doesn't work. Is there another
setting needed as well?
Is there another way to change the selected color for a single row?