Subject UPDATE Re: [IBO] select view crashes a remote Firebird Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:24 AM 1/06/2004 +1000, I wrote:

> >sorry to jump in at this late point in the thread, but if the server
> >crashes then the test case will be of use for the Fb developers as well
> >as Jason, I believe.
>I completely agree. But first, it will be most useful to find out why
>TIBOQuery causes this behaviour, while TIB_Cursor doesn't. In the middle
>is TIB_Query, which I'll test today.
>A test case demonstrating all three will help Jason to isolate exactly what
>it is about the client layer that is capable of crashing the server, i.e.
>what API function is broken. It seems to relate to the default transaction
>(gds__trans) that one could guess might have been broken on the client side
>of the y-valve...I'm not familiar enough with the <default transaction>
>mechanism to know whether the TDataset architecture handles it differently
>to native IBO.
OK, last night I made five test cases with the kokkok test data, with a
variety of statement objects and transaction options. The Firebird 1.5
crashing behaviour was consistent with all mixes except when TIB_Cursors
were used.

Today I ran all of the test cases under Firebird v.1.5.1 (the release
candidate we're currently working on) and the crashing behaviour has

There will be a bug description and fix report in the v.1.5.1 release notes.

"Mr Kokkok", please contact me if you're interested in downloading this
pre-release and testing it. (It would also be nice to know your name...)