Subject Re: [IBO] select view crashes a remote Firebird Server
Author kokok_kokok
I have put this problem in firebird-support 4 days ago because I
think that the problem is in the IBO but also in the FB. In fact, I
inserted several messages in the FB forum from 1 year to now, but I
have never solved the problem. I can minimize it modifying the view,
but it always is latent.

Really it is a strange problem, fortunately now I have been able to
isolate it in a simple example that always fails. In my application
it arises randomly, maybe my app works fine 2 weeks or maybe 2
I have spent a lot of days in this problem and it is tormenting me.

--- In, Nando Dessena <nandod@d...> wrote:
> Helen,
> H> It's very late here (early? 2:40 a.m.) but tomorrow I'll prepare
a demo for
> H> Jason to look at. I'll also check behaviour if I use IB_Query
instead of
> H> IB_Cursor.
> sorry to jump in at this late point in the thread, but if the server
> crashes then the test case will be of use for the Fb developers as
> as Jason, I believe.
> Ciao
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> Nando Dessena
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