Subject RE: [IBO] Users and Exclusive Mode
Author Alan McDonald
> I need to perform automated metadata updates. This requires I ensure
> only my update app is the only user connected to the database.
> Q1
> The IBO4.HLP says that the TIBODatabase.Users only picks up users on
> the local computer (although I do pick up remote users). I am just
> checking this issue has been addresed or is it only 'most of the time'
> pickup remote logins?

I think Jason's most recent comment on this is that he is unsure if it's
reliable. I have not found it unreliable but I'm not sure I would rely on
it.. :-)

> Q2
> If I am sure I am the only user - is there a method to connect as
> single user only(exclusive) using IBO or must I use gfix?
> Thanks
> Rod

See a few messages ago about Closing the IB_Connection for more info on
ensuring noone is connected.
The only way to exclusively connect would be to connect with the embedded
server and for that you need to be running on the server as a local user
anyway. You would also need to make quite sure that the server is not
connected when you try to connect. I think the server would object to
connecting if you were (or during) connected in this way first.
I usually do this sort of upgrade by enlisting someone at the organisation I
can trust. When I deploy a new version of the application, this person runs
it after ensuring noone else is connected. The application detects that it
must run an update script (metadata) before opening properly. It runs a
script, disconnects itself, then reconnects. As long as he/she runs the
application, then disconnects, even if there is someone else connected at
the time, as long as that person disconnects, installs the application
update before re-connecting, they will share the metadata updates as well.