Subject Re: [IBO] transaction behavior
Author James
Hi Lester
Lester Caine wrote:

> So the 'search query' is stand alone, with it's own transaction, and
> called before/after each new record is created?
> I don't see why you need to worry about the 'search query' seeing
> anything of the 'new transaction' until it is ready to post, and then
> the next 'cycle' the 'search query' will include the latest info.
> The 'new transaction' should take care of checking any duplications it
> is creating internally before the transaction is committed?
> OR are you in a situation where several users could be adding the same
> new stuff, so the checks need to be made when a transaction is completed?
> The new question is "How are duplicates created, and could THAT be
> handled better with a generator?" Once again a little knowledge is a
> dangerous thing :) Without the whole picture suggestions for improvement
> are difficult ;)

Thank you for your interest in this matter. The program is use to input
all the invoices from various suppliers. It is a common mistake by the
user to input twice or more the invoice which result to duplicate
records, I don't know why? But just to prevent from posting the same
invoice I want the program to check for possible duplicate records thru
supplierid and invoice no. And since this is a master details setup
wherein the IBO perform a post retaining for the master dataset, I came
up with another IB_Query with its own ib_transaction to avoid seeing the
current record being inserted to avoid seeing it because of the post

Iam sorry for my poor english, hope you get the picture and have my poor
solution improve.