Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_GRID, OnGetCellProps and BufferFields
Author russellbelding
Hi Salvatore

Thanks for your post. I looked up your code, read it and then
realised my error. The following code

// Set the internal IBO index for BufferFieldName(..).
// Required before using qEv.BufferFieldByName(..)
BufferRowNum := gridEvents.DataRow[ARow];

was called too late in my event handler. Once I called it early my
painting is OK.

Thanks Helen and Salvator,

Russell Belding

--- In, "Salvatore Besso" <s.besso@m...>
> hello Russell,
> did you look at the code that I have posted one or two days ago in
> thread "Problems with TIB_Grid colours" or something (I have deleted
> the messages and I don't remember the subject exactly). See one of
> last messages where I wrote "Problem fully resolved with this
> code...". Maybe it may help you.
> Regards
> Salvatore