Subject Re: [IBO] Posting & emails
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Ed,

> When I post to IBO's ng, I get an email with the message (below, in
> Dutch/German?) that contains as an attachment the text of the email
> I sent out:
> leonel@... - no such user here.
> No hay ningĂșn usuario con ese nombre en este servidor.
> : El mensaje contiene [1] archivos adjuntos

That's Spanish: "There is no user with that name on this server : The
message contains [1] attached file"

The file they attach is the message you sent to the list.

> Is something configured incorrectly?

Yes - on! I have already been in touch with the postmaster
there to explain what has to be done, but he doesn't seem able to fix

Problem is: leonel@... is subscribed to this list, but
that email address doesn't exist anymore. Now every list message
contains a "Return-path:" header pointing to Yahoo and including
information so Yahoo can put the subscription on hold after a couple
of bounces. But at they use some braindead mail software
that bounces to the "From:" address. That's why we get all these
emails. In fact I've become a collector! :-)

The postmaster in question is nice enough but not very knowledgeable.

Paul Vinkenoog