Subject Re: [IBO] Behaviour of TIB_UpdateBar
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Helen,

thank you for your reply.

> If you have its ReceiveFocus property set true
> and the datasources have AnnounceFocus true,
> then the UpdateBar will indicate the state of
> the dataset that currently has focus in the UI

I have just checked. The DataSource has AllowFocus = False and
AnnounceFocus = False, while both the bars (one NavigationBar and the
UpdateBar) have ReceiveFocus = False.

> So, if you have an Edit pending on one dataset
> and then click into a control that's associated
> with another editable dataset

Nope, this datasource is the only one on the form and the other
queries are not connected to any visual component, however they are
currently open, but in browse mode. Since this project is the same of
my previous messages about "Problems to go into edit mode" do you
think that the cause could be the SP.ExecSQL that I have assigned to
the EditSQL property of one of the queries, since that SP involves
also the other queries that are in browse mode?