Subject Re: [IBO] How many columns can I have for a table
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:20 PM 24/05/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I have an interbase table with 122 columns. The last column i added
>was an integer column. I can update the column in interbase using
>dsql. but in Delphi 5 using ibobjects when i say:
>ibotable1.fieldbyname('a').asinteger := 1;
>I had an error message saying: '' is not valid integer which does not
>make any sense at all.
>So my question is how many columns IBObject can handle for a table?

It's not a question of how many columns IBO can handle, but a VCL
question. You are using the TDataset-compatible components, yes? You need
to open the Fields Editor and fix up the field objects so they correctly
reflect the current structure of the table. When you click 'Add Fields"
you should see your field 'a' there as a candidate for creation of a
TIntegerField. If not, then select 'Delete All' and then 'Add All'.

Delphi has always been a pain in this respect, treating field objects that
don't exist as if they did - producing a confusing error like the one you
are looking at. IMO, it should simply throw an exception like "Field
object does not exist", so that you would know immediately what the problem