Subject Re: [IBO] conatct sample in network
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello slahgfr,

> this is my first message

Welcome! :-)

> i have installed ib sample contact , in my pc it work with local
> server ,to test fb server , i have installed it in the server and i
> modify the connection to the server
> the problem is with the history table
> isc error message
> dynamic sql error
> sql error = 104
> token unkown liner1 char 19
> where is my error and how

The very general answer is that Firebird didn't know about a table
HISTORY at the moment it received the SQL command, or that the SQL
itself was screwed up (e.g. "SELECT * HISTORY" instead of "SELECT *

Other than that, it's difficult to tell what went wrong without more
information from your side. Do I understand correctly that the Contact
program worked fine (HISTORY table and all) when you used it with a
local server, and that the problem arose when you moved the database
to another server?

At what point did you get the error message? When connecting to the
database? Or later, while issuing a command or clicking a button?

Please describe exactly what you did after starting the application
and maybe we can help you find out what went wrong.

Paul Vinkenoog