Subject Re: problem on record with ' sign
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, James <james_027@t...> wrote:
> Hi Marco

> Iam also using collate = NONE. I have done a lot of testing. Not all
> have the same problem. There are some ib_dataset this problems
occurs on
> all fields, but some it works fine. So I think there must be a problem
> but I don't have any idea where to start with it? Are there some
> settings i miss?
> Please Help. Jason and Marco.

mmmm so strange (of course ;). Try to produce a simple "test case".
The benefit are:
a) often trying to produce a simple test case makes you strip the
"offending code", or the "wrong situation", or "foulty assumptions",
and you can then easely fix the problem by yourself.
b) at this point, I will probably spend less time debugging "not
working" code than trying to figure out what's wrong. Feel free to
sent it (db metadata and delphi source) to me by e-mail (use the
address you find in my "RAD with IBO" document)

> BTW, Marco when will be the new release of your tutorial? I really like
> it! Keep up the good work.

Well, right now I'm still pretty busy, an not with IBO but mainly with
GNU/Linux and Asterisk ( I've something to add, but
hoped some contribution would have come from other IBO users, but it
was not. Anyway, I thank you (and other) for apreciating it and for
the encouragement! :) (Not too) soon I will add something.