Subject RE: [IBO] How could i get "real" SQL Statements with IBO Monitor?
Author Jason Wharton
Sounds like you want some sort of logging, not monitoring.
Use triggers and log tables.
Look at the IB LogManager tool. Perfect for this sort of thing. It automates
the creation of all your triggers and log tables.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] How could i get "real" SQL Statements with IBO

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> What you see in IBO monitor is the REAL statement being executed on
> server.

Ok, i'm sure that this is great at many cases, but for now i'm
looking for a way to know wich field was updated just seeing
a "Monitor" Log, with the information that the IBMonitor gives me i
don't know wich of all fields was updated and wich conserves it's
previous values.

Maybe what i'm looking for is not in the IBMonitor, may be could i
get that information from th IBO_Connection Events... maybe something
like the Event OnError, that have parameters that give to me the SQL
Statement that causes the error, something like that it's wath i'm
looking for but not only at errors; at updates, inserts, deletes or
selects; some event where i can get the SQL that the Query's
components send to the server.

Best Regards and thanx

Carlos G