Subject Re: [IBO] BLOB Loading Progress
Author Markus Ostenried
At 16:26 Monday, 03.05.2004 +0000, cgar1136 wrote:
>Hi there....
>Anybody knows how can i display a Progress of the load of a Query
>that ask for a BLOB Field from the Database ???
>I mean, i have a Blob field in my DB and must be loaded in the Client
>Side and saved to a local file... but i want to put a ProgressBar
>where can i show the progress of the transfer... any ideas??

Hi Carlos,

have a look at the OnBlobCallback event of TIB_Cirsor or TIB_Query. I'm
storing the file size in a separate field so that I can display a correct
progress bar. AFAIK the callback event doesn't tell you the total size of
the blob.