Subject Re: [IBO] db commit and forced writes
Author Lucas Franzen

Ross Garbig schrieb:
> Delphi 5, IBO 4.3.A, Firebird 1.5
> What's the relationship between a db commit and forced writes? If
> forced writes is true, what does db commit do? Does it make the
> changes 'visible' to other programs.

Commit makes your changes visible to any other transaction, be it within
your program or within another.

ForcedWrites=TRUE forces the server to write the data to disk, set to
FALSE leaves it up to the OP when the data is written. This has no
impact to the visibility of the data to other transactions, it's just a
matter of physical writing of the data.

> I am using TIBODatabase and, TIBOQuery and implicit transaction
> control. Should I have a db commit after each logical set of updates
> to ensure that other programs have the latest view of the database?

Yes you should try to keep your transactions as short as possible.
So it's a good idea to do a hard commit (and not a CommitRetaining)
after a logical set of operations.