Subject Re: [IBO] (unknown)
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:59 PM 1/05/2004 -0300, you wrote:
>Dear Dmitry.
>I tried to do like this, just inserting the code for Tb001_codigo_posicao,
>but when it tries to commit, the error appears again.
>I'm becoming crazy.

Without going into your horrendously complicated code, may I suggest that
you simply use the standard way to acquire a new generator value for a
In the editable dataset, assuming that --
The primary key column name is TB001_CODIGO_POSICAO
The generator name is GENERATOR_POSICAO

This is *all* you need:

In the dataset that needs the value, set the GeneratorLinks property as


Then, as soon as the dataset goes into dssInsert, IBO will fetch the next
generator value and place it into the dataset field
'TB001_CODIGO_POSICAO'. You do not need to do anything further, like
converting to string (????) or comparing with other values or assigning
it. A new generator value is *always* unique and GeneratorLinks will
always assign it where and when it needs to be assigned.

Your code makes my head spin.