Subject Re: [IBO]
Author Daniel Rail

At March 29, 2004, 15:08, Nico Callewaert wrote:

> Today, I saw an application that doesn't use a TIB_Transaction
> component. It seems to work well. I didn't know a program could run
> without a TIB_Transaction. My question now is : is that a problem ? Or
> is the Firebird server taking care of everything ?

Actually, IBO is taking care of it. If a TIB_Transaction is not
specifically specified in TIB_Query(and other IBO access components),
IBO will create an internal TIB_Transaction(for each of these
components). But, if you really want to have easier control over the
properties of TIB_Transaction and use the same TIB_Transaction for
multiple IBO access components, then you need to explicitly create a

It is documented in IBO's help.

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