Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and ERRORS in memproof
Yes, that is what I mean. Pass in the Session or Connection object instead of nil.
You find out by having objects referencing one object from multiple thread contexts.
IBX gets away with nil owners because it doesn't actually have a Session object reference, and of course you don't get
the many benefits that IBO provides via its session object.

Jason Wharton

Hi Tony,

> I did figure out that IBO did not like nil owners and have adjusted
> my code.

Do you mean something like

Cursor := TIB_Cursor.Create(nil);

Could you please elaborate on that.
How did you find out that IBO does not "like" this?
I am creating IBO components that way all the time
in non-visual parts of my application and did not
think there was a problem with this.