Subject Re: [IBO] Deleting record with BLOB and CachedUpdate
The same applies for the DeleteSQL property as the UpdateSQL property. Make sure no blob columns are included in
the WHERE clause. Let me know what the SQL monitor shows if you would please. Also, what is generating the delete
statement? You or one of IBO's features like the component editor or did you simply do request live?

Jason Wharton

Dear Friends

With cachedUpdates, after deleting some record that has a field of type
when post:

IB 6/IBO 4.3 yelds this error:
BLOB and array data types are not supported for compare.

This occur only when editing the master-detail, and when some record are
In the detail exist a field of type BLOB (memo field).

Please, help me!
My project was stoped because this error!

Thanks in advance.