Subject Re: [IBO] Max Frustration: Delphi 8, IBO 4.x, FB 1.5, FB .NET Provider
IBO is not ready on the .NET scale. Look for initially the non-visual stuff first.

Jason Wharton

Anyone here using Delphi 8 and Firebird 1.5? If so, how are you
connecting to Firebird? With IBO? The open-source Firebird
1.5 .NET Provider? Is is a WinForms or VCL Forms app?

I've been successfully using D7 with IBO 4.2x, but now that I have
Delphi 8, I'm trying to get answers to some VERY basic questions
regarding this mix of tools. It seems like I'm the only one trying
this combination of tools.

Is IBO 4.2x compatible with D8? I've tried to install IBO 4.2x into
D8, but have had no luck. On the other hand, I don't recall Jason
saying that IBO 4.2x is compatible with D8, so perhaps I'm just
wasting my time going down this path.

I can successfully connect to Firebird by creating a WinForms app
using the open-source Firebird 1.5 .NET Provider. I've been unable
to do so by creating a VCL Forms app. Can anyone tell me if it's
even possible to create a VCL Forms app using the Firebird .NET
Provider? Because of my large pre-Delphi VCL code base, I need to
work with VCL Forms apps first. I tried using the WinForm Control
Import Wizard to import the Firebird 1.5 Provider, and it does
*partially* import, but the components that appear in the Tool
Palette are non-functional for some reason.

I apologize if some of the non-IBO material above is not appropriate
for this newsgroup, but I've tried the other Firebird newsgroups and
have gotten nowhere. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only
one trying to accomplish the D8/Firebird connection. I guess the 2
bigger questions are: what is the best way to connect a D8 WinForms
app to Firebird, and what is the best way to connect a D8 VCL Forms
app to Firebird? Perhaps there is, at this point, no best way, but
only 1 way: WinForms with the Firebird .NET Provider, VCL Forms
with ???