Subject Re: [IBO] Max Frustration: Delphi 8, IBO 4.x, FB 1.5, FB .NET Provider
Author Rohit Gupta

unless a component says its written for dotnet, it wont work with D8.
However there was patch/utility somewhere that allowed IDE addons
written in non-D8 to work with D8.

Peter M. Jagielski wrote:

> Anyone here using Delphi 8 and Firebird 1.5? If so, how are you
> connecting to Firebird? With IBO? The open-source Firebird
> 1.5 .NET Provider? Is is a WinForms or VCL Forms app?
> I've been successfully using D7 with IBO 4.2x, but now that I have
> Delphi 8, I'm trying to get answers to some VERY basic questions
> regarding this mix of tools. It seems like I'm the only one trying
> this combination of tools.
> Is IBO 4.2x compatible with D8? I've tried to install IBO 4.2x into
> D8, but have had no luck. On the other hand, I don't recall Jason
> saying that IBO 4.2x is compatible with D8, so perhaps I'm just
> wasting my time going down this path.
> I can successfully connect to Firebird by creating a WinForms app
> using the open-source Firebird 1.5 .NET Provider. I've been unable
> to do so by creating a VCL Forms app. Can anyone tell me if it's
> even possible to create a VCL Forms app using the Firebird .NET
> Provider? Because of my large pre-Delphi VCL code base, I need to
> work with VCL Forms apps first. I tried using the WinForm Control
> Import Wizard to import the Firebird 1.5 Provider, and it does
> *partially* import, but the components that appear in the Tool
> Palette are non-functional for some reason.
> I apologize if some of the non-IBO material above is not appropriate
> for this newsgroup, but I've tried the other Firebird newsgroups and
> have gotten nowhere. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only
> one trying to accomplish the D8/Firebird connection. I guess the 2
> bigger questions are: what is the best way to connect a D8 WinForms
> app to Firebird, and what is the best way to connect a D8 VCL Forms
> app to Firebird? Perhaps there is, at this point, no best way, but
> only 1 way: WinForms with the Firebird .NET Provider, VCL Forms
> with ???