Subject Re: Possible problem: IBO <-> Fb/1.5 ?
Author mp527
I think this may be just that, short term, I have had this setting
set to false on my IM server for awhile, and I can get 10 or so days
out of it before I start getting weird AVs in IBO queries. Then the
NT service just blinks out.

This really needs to be fixed sooner than later.



> The (short-term?) solution that Nickolay presented us was to run
> the IB_Connection.CacheStatementHandles set to false. This appears
> to fix the bug for the time being but it's hard to tell yet what
> of performance impact that may or may not have on our connections.
> I personally would like to see more work/information done to see
> bug fixed, either in the client dll or in the IBO code.
> At this time I would just like to say that I appreciate all the
> that Nickolay did with tracking this down so quickly.
> Ryan.