Subject Re: [IBO] Best Practise on committing
Author James

jtsiy wrote:

> Dear IBO users
> What is the best my of doing commit that still leaves the dataset open?
> I read that commitretaining/rollbackretaining isn't a good practice
> cause it consume much more memory + prodcue some OAT problems.
> How about if I need to close and open a dataset due to some changes in
> the SQL statement. Will refresh do the trick?
Yes. Once Helen has told me that commitretaining is not good. You got a
lot of options here. It really depends if the data needs to be post and
commit at once. In my experience on a scenario wherein data needed to be
post and commit right way, I use ib_transaction.refresh(true);

For closing and opening dataset. I simple do ib_query.close and I have read some use ib_query.unprepare and Don't know if refresh will do. Perhaps some gurus here
will answer that for you.