Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO 4.3Aa with D7 Prof.
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Olaf,

> But I can't find the solution.
> I changed the Version-No to all posibilitys and the error-messageges
> are always nearly the same.

Because changing the version number alone is not enough. You have to
hunt for the constants that were added between the outdated German
version and the up-to-date English one, and add those to the German
file (you can just copy them over and translate them or not).

Because this is very tedious (given the length of IB_Constants.pas and
you don't know where things were added) I've written a tool that:

- reads in the current IB_Constants.pas;
- optionally reads in a previous localized version (e.g. German);
- lets you copy the "old" localized constant values to a new version;
- lets you copy the current English constant values to your new
version to fill the gaps;
- lets you translate or otherwise alter any constant value in the
- writes your newly translated/adapted IB_Constants_anylanguage.pas
to disk.

This is the first time I mention it because it still has some rough
edges and it's not bullet-proof. For one thing, character sets other
than US_ASCII and ISO_8859_1 are not supported in the constant values.
And even with ISO_8859_1 it sometimes blows up in your pretty face :-)

But it does work and I use it every time I upgrade IBO. It saves me
hours of work, every time. This thing is just waiting for me to make
it a little more robust, change the UI to English or multilingual
(it's Dutch now) and then I'll publish it as a freebie.

If you want to I can send it to you with instructions. Worst case
scenario: it's unusable because it chokes on the Umlauts in the
previous German version. Best case: everything works and you can even
add new umlauted constant values. In between: you can only add
US_ASCII constants and later edit in the umlauts in a text editor.

Paul Vinkenoog