Subject [IBO] Newbie need some help!
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Dear Friends

I'm new with IB6 and IBO (converting from BDE/Pdox). I have some

1) Master-Detail with CachedUpdated=true. When I try to Delete a Master
record (after deleted all the details), in AfterPost, when executing
ApplyUpdates I get a error: ISC Error: Feature is not supported. BLOB
and array data types are not supported for compare operation. If I
commented out these lines, of course the record are not deleted in the
GDB. What is wrong?

2) Master-Detail with CachedUpdated=true. In Insert mode, after post the
Master record, the new record disappear, and the record active to the
user is the last posted before this new one.
When inserting records with out CachedUpdated=true and MasterDetail, all
is Ok.
What is wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hércules Russano
HRsoft Informática - São Gonçalo - RJ - Brasil
(0xx21) 2601-3970 - 3246-2342