Subject [IBO] Re: For Fabiano Bonin
Author fabiano_bonin
> What changed with 4.3 is the query for OldParameterOrdering.

Using WinMerge to compare the log of IBO 4.2 and IBO 4.3 i see the
query to detect 'OldParameterOrdering' and 2 more queries based on
RDB$RELATIONS, if i remember well. The last is causing the delay.

> IMO, you at least do owe it to yourself to try using the
SchemaCache for
> these distant, slow connections. The slowness of SchemaCache is

Don't you think i don't use it. I do, and it works. But if i disable
it (no matter why), i will never expect it to be 'half-disabled'.
It's a logical behavior, in my POV.

> I've given Jason a problem description which he'll no doubt
address when he
> gets his land-legs back. The way I see it, SchemaCache exists

Thanks, that's enough for me.

> I have to say that *my* position (which is personal, since I don't
have any
> influence on IBO's design) is that IBO should not be constrained
by the
> lowest common denominator (and the denominator doesn't get much
lower than this!!)

I don't see using a 2-tier application over a ADSL line as an
absurd. I don't use it for production environments. Sometimes the
central office needs to see some reports or make minor operations in
a filial server, for example. It's cheaper than replication or other
solutions, as you can use the same application to do the job.

Do you want to know a thing? I have an old application used in 15
stores in Brazil that access a remote MSSQL server via telephone
line, with 33.6k-56k band. And do you want to know what is worse? It
runs faster than Firebird over 256k-512k ADSL lines (but it's off-
topic here)