Subject [IBO] Re: For Fabiano Bonin
Author fabiano_bonin
> Boy, Fabiano, you have some *serious* network problems there.
> At the bottom of this message I post the diffs report for exactly
the same operation on your network and on mine.

Lol. Helen, i think you are missing an important point since my
first message. :-)

I said "I'm having terrible delays on remote access"

If you read all messages carefully you will see i am talking always
about 'remote' access and 'remote' servers. These servers i am
connecting are about 100 to 500 kilometers from my computer, all
using DSL lines. 'My network' is the internet.

In my local network it takes about 1 second to open the application,
too, even if i open dozens of datasets.

I am not saying the time it's taking to connect is wrong. I think 4
minutes is a normal time to make all that initial queries to a
remote server with large metadata. What i'm trying to say since the
begining is that i need a way to disable these queries. I don't want
any query exploring my metadata in these cases. I don't want to
be 'forced' to wait for these initial queries. I don't care if IBO
needs them to be smarter. I don't need a smart IBO. I need, when
opening my first dataset, to see in the log just the 'select * from
table', not a dozen of other queries that i don't even know where
they came from.

I expect that when disabling 'SchemaCacheDir' ALL these queries will
not execute. Am i wrong to expect this? Why some of my metadata is
being queried if i disabled it?

I would never blame IBO for a 4 minute delay to connect to a
database in my 'local' network. It would be surelly some internal
problem. Now i see why you ignored me...

BUT, even taking in account we was talking about different
situations, you can see from my logs that there is a big performance
difference between IBO 4.2 and IBO 4.3, so something did change.
Even IBO 4.2 is making queries on metadata. It shouldn't.

So, i'd like to have a position about this issue. It's serious for
me, and it affects other users, too, if they try to access a server
over a slow network.